Melbourne & Adelaide Feb 2015


I always love Melbourne, and I was so excited to go back here and meet up with Emily to have adventures again! It felt likes ages since I’d been anywhere on holiday so I was looking forward to this trip so much.


One of the first thing we did after checking in was to grab some food. We ended up going to Ca de Vin, as my friend Giselle had taken me here when I was last in Melbourne. Also it was way too hot and we were way too hungry to look anywhere further.



Luckily it was just as good as I remembered it.


IMG_4887 IMG_5343

IMG_5046 IMG_4947

We saw 1D two night in a row and it was a lot, it was amazing. I felt a lot of things that I cannot put into words. You might say it was better than words.

IMG_5383 IMG_5385

I’m sorry that was terrible, but trust me I’m still not fully recovered.



I’d never been to Adelaide before and as me and Emily were trying to be chill about it, we had only planned one thing: the zoo.



“I have a blog…”



❤ Penguins ❤


Adelaide Zoo was actually really great, it was a lot smaller than I’d thought it would be, but in the best kind of way. There wasn’t a lot of unnecessary walking from exhibits and considering it was around 38C this was a blessing. We also got to see our faves (red pandas and penguins) so it was a win-win.

IMG_3216 IMG_3217

IMG_5699 IMG_5680

We did a bit of exhausted wandering/shopping the next day and then another 1D concert (crying emoji) that night. Then back off to our home base (<3) hotel in Melbourne.


Me and Emily had wanted to get tattoos while we were in Melbourne, but also wanted to get them done with enough time to heal before Soundwave festival on Saturday, which left me emailing a bunch of tattoo places in Melbourne while still waiting around in Adelaide. Luckily one of the best looking ones; Blue Lady Tattoo had time for us and we managed to get our tattoos done that afternoon.



The next day was my birthday! birthdays deserve excellent brunches in my opinion, so we ventured out to South Melbourne to a cafe I’d heard a lot of good things about, Chez Dre.


The eggs were amazing and on par with some of my faves in Wellington (high compliment tbh), but I was definitely drawn here by the pictures of the amazing cakes and pastries I had seen.

IMG_3240 IMG_3239

This was sooo decadent and amazing. It barely even looks like food, but it was a peanut-caramel-chocolate I don’t quite know what. Well worth it.


Birthdays should also have penguins! Melbourne Aquarium is a fave from when me and Emily were last in Melbourne in 2011!


Mama penguins! I found out later that one of they actually gave birth this day!




My friend Natalie recommended Gami when I was hunting for a new place to go for my birthday dinner and o m g it was so good, I haven’t had korean fried chicken since I was in NYC and even then it wasn’t this good!! We got a bunch of drinks between us and a huge pile of chicken and it was very decently priced. I would love to go back here again.

IMG_3364 IMG_3366

It was an amazing birthday ❤ though really it kind of felt like a birthday week and a half, because there was so much great stuff going on.

IMG_6073  IMG_6078

We had Soundwave festival the next day. Really… more of my brother’s scene (like, Slipknot and Marilyn Manson…) but Fall Out Boy were playing so we really had no choice. It was hot as balls and I definitely felt like passing out while walking from the tram to the venue. Thankfully FOB played after it got dark. We actually got really close and they played almost half of their new album, it was amazing.

IMG_6111 IMG_6094


Me and Giselle went to get ramen the next day at Fukuryu Ramen and then we finally hit up N2 Gelato which I’ve been wanting to go to since I saw her post an instagram pic of it what seems like forever ago! It was amazing and a cool treat, though suuuper pricey. I guess you are paying for the novelty of them creating the ice cream in front of you though, so I still think it was worth it.

IMG_3379 IMG_3383

Then I had to say goodbye to Emily 😦 and run to the bathrooms so I wouldn’t watch her board her plane from the gate like we were in a sad movie. It was tempting but I would probably have cried. Now it’s only T-3 months until we get to hang out again in America!!

Melbourne & Adelaide Feb 2015

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